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Pittsburgh Environmental Justice Leaders

This Black History Month I used all 28 days to acknowledge black environmentalists, not only in the nation but in my city of Pittsburgh. Below is the the full list of those that I've acknowledged during this month. I will share each groups post separately on this blog, so check out the environmental bios on those post!

They are all amazing people who have dedicated their time to ensuring our communities have an equitable, healthy, and overall livable environment for people of color. They’ve also lead many initiatives to educate, fund, and support a lot of the future environmental leaders from young to old.

I've categorized this list in the order of which I shared; starting from the last group that I shared to the first group that I shared. Please enjoy learning about all of these wonderful Pittsburgh Environmental Leaders and be sure to click the links to their websites to support their future efforts.

Thank you all for a great Black History Month #BlackEnvironmentalist


Change Makers

Activist and Advocates

Green Space Beautifiers

Food Advocates


To see their full bios check out my 2021 Black History Month post in this Facebook album.

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