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Black Environmentalist You Should Know

This Black History Month I made it a point to acknowledge Black Environmentalists that have changed the environment world and our nation in so many different ways. The people on this list have made their voices heard all over the nation and International. Definitely check out their bios below because they have done a lot for environment Justice through education, advocacy, action, and of course support for the communities they love.

Black History Month should be everyday but this one is definitely a special one for me.


George Washington Carver


Dr. John Francis


Will Allen


Karen Washington


MaVynee Betsch


Majora Carter


Rev. Lennox Yearwood


Dr. Robert Bullard


Peggy Shepard


Mustafa Ali


Warren Washington


Lisa P Jackson

Carolyn Finney

Rue Mapp


Environmental Organization


Soul Fire Farm


Detroit Hives


National Black Environmental Justice Network


For more in-depth bios of these people and organization, go to my Facebook Black History Month Album

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