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Below are the three services packages we provide for our clients. These services can vary and be combined depending on your needs.

Education & Training

Environmental issues and how it affects our communities is a popular topic, but still a new topic. Many people are still new to all the impacts the environment has in low-income (majority minority) communities. New reports and plans are being presented every year, and it's hard to keep up with all the changes in the environmental world. So, we want to help not only educate your internal team but help train your external supporters too.


For trainings, we have many hands-on and engaging activities suitable for all ages. We make sure to evaluate participants and ourselves to make sure all people involved got what they wanted out their experience.Trainings can range from relevant computer skills to sustainable business practices, but all can be done to improve the sustainability of your group.


Consultation & Facilitation

Not everyone can have all the answer or do all the work needed to make a program successful. So, we have general consultation for those looking for solutions or advisement on a major investment. Investments can range from a single project to strategic planning. We are here to help you out of the tough spots.

If you are looking for more group assistance, we have 3 levels of consultation that fit small groups and medium to large cohorts. These facilitations are created between us in our clients to ensure that the goal of the work our conversation is understood by all involved. We help bridge those gaps in communication by being an experienced, non-bias third party whose sole focus is ensure everyone is understood and successful.

Engagement & Media

Due to many years of experience in engagement in marketing we've been able to develop many methods and strategies useful to help groups engage their ideal audience. Whether it's for an event, program, or just to let people know who you are, we have a strategy for you! Our engagement strateiges are specialized for each group to fit their specific goals. 

If you just need help getiing your name and projects more visible we can help with that too. Similar to our engagement strategies, we work with organizations to make specialized media strategies to fit your brand. We'll even help you make a brand if you don't already have one. During our consultation your team will be equipped with all the online tools needed to make engaging with you audience an easier task.

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