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10 Environmental Friendly Offices Supplies - That are affordable and worth the money

Being sustainable is not always easy and definitely not always cheap. So, every Monday we will be sharing with you all some easy quick ways you can make your day-to-day living a little bit more environmentally friendly without breaking the bank (unless justifiable for larger items)

Since there are so many of us that are working from home and buying our own office supplies, I decided to start with some useful supplies you can use at your home office.


1. Rocketbooks

Now, we may be a little bias on this post because this our favorite work item but it is truly such an amazing item. Rocketbooks are smart, re-usable notebooks and planners that you scan to your Google Drive, Cloud, or whatever online storage you use. It's the best way to take written note without wasting or search for possibly faded notebooks, and the pens used for it can be bought at any office supply store.

You can get small notepad to larger legal size pads OR my favorite, you can can get their new re-useable Panda Planner. If you know anything about Panda Planner (Best selling on Amazon), you know this is a great investment that can boost your productivity greatly. After using it for almost a year we can definitely vouch for it's usefulness. Check out the video below and see just how dope this product truly is (don't mind the silly intro lol).

You can buy this item on Amazon today for only $33 which includes an erasable pen and a microfiber cloth


2. Staple-less Staplers

Did you know that you can staple up to 10 sheets of paper without using those metal staple? Neither did we, but now that we know it's a thing we're definitely investing in this asap.

How does it work? We'll apparently they use a unique inter-folding process, that when pressed it fastens the paper on it's self leaving it secure and together. You can staple in any place just like any other stapler but now you don't have to find and buy all those staples. There are many different brands of this stapler but it seems that the best and most popular is the Plus Paper Clinch which you can buy on Amazon for only $12

Check out the video below to see how these eco-friendly staplers work


3. Reuseable Sticky Notes

If your anything like us you probably have a million sticky notes everywhere that you just crumble up and toss when your done. Of course being the sustainable company we are we couldn't keep contributing to this waste so we looked up some alternatives...and we found something great!

We found a variety of reusable sticky notes that are not only erasable but also can be re-stuck on thing, and stuck on any surface. After buying and trying some out we found the Laconic Sticky Notes Set that's on Amazon for only $12 is probably the best option for most peoples needs. We couldn't find a video for this exact set but check out this nice video that demonstrates how awesome these reuseable notes are.


4. Infinity Pencil

We all know how many trees are cut down because of pencils and even though there are forest dedicated to making sustainable ones, we saw an alterative that cut out wood all together. This Infinity Pencil utilizes an ultra-compressed writing nib, TIP can outlast and replace up to 200 traditional pencils. Works great for journaling, note-taking and writing since it never needs to be sharpened and is erasable if needed. One TIP purchased = One TREE planted. For every TIP that is purchased, their company is committed to planting one tree with their partners to help reduce climate change.

Now, we couldn't find a video for this brand (which is the preferred option) but definitely checkout their website at or you can buy it now on Amazon for on $13


5. reMarkable 1&2

Now this is the only pricey thing on here but I promise you it's worth the investment if you can afford it. If you're a person who reviews lots of documents, research and read lots of articles, and also reads lot of e-books you'll love this product. You can open any digital document or image and make marks on them that you can save and view on any cloud or online storage. I can't speak much justice on this item but if you're interested in learning more got to their website and/or watch the video below.


Come back next week!

We will be sharing more eco-friendly product that are affordable and worth your money every week on Mondays.

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