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New Partnership!!

Our Owner NaTisha Washington is now also the Co-Owner of Just by Nature LLC.

Just by Nature (JustXNature) is an organization that specializes in environmental justice consulting and facilitation. Environmental and social issues are deeply intertwined and must be addressed through intentional and coordinated efforts.

When we say Just by Nature, we also mean "Just, by Nature;" meaning that we believe interpersonal relationship building and conversations through structured and sustained dialogue is the best way to collectively move closer to our humanity (human nature).

The "x" in our logo is also an homage to Malcom X and our commitment to intersectional anti-racism in our work. In Malcom's own words, "For me, my 'X' replaced the white slavemaster name [which had been] imposed upon my paternal forebears."

Just x Nature provides consulting, facilitation, strategic planning, program design, evaluation services and more to dismantle oppression in environmental decision-making and ensure that those most impacted can move closer to power.


This will not change Ms. Washington's commitment to Washington's Green Solutions, it will actually contribute to it. We are so happy for this new addition to our business family and hope our supporter will be just as welcoming too!


Stay Tuned for More!

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